Life. To me it is the single most important thing on our planet.

And lately I’ve read a lot about the phone the FBI has that they want Apple to hack into. I truly have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, if the force Apple to create a way to access that data, then yes, they are opening a door that likely shouldn’t be opened. Our company spends a lot of time fixing infections that are put there by people that shouldn’t have access.

But on the other hand…..

So then I think, what if? What if there is a possibility that this phone contains data about say….perhaps….future potential terrorist attacks, or maybe even information about terrorist cells? This is where my thoughts of protection change.

If there is 1% of a chance that the data on that phone could save a life? Then we need to open it.

Live is valuable. It has worth. And I think it gets taken for granted now and then. And if there’s a way to put a stop to another attack, then I believe we need to open it.

Perhaps it needs to be in a controlled environment? If they can lock the phone down so no one can get into it….can’t they lock the program they would use to break in the same way?

This is where it gets tough for me and where it plays into what CNS does.

Our primary job, is to protect data. ALL DATA. And our customers spend a lot of time and money making sure their data is protected. But we are talking data here. Not a human life.

So there is some confusion on my part because both Data and a Human Life is very important. But a life? There’s nothing as important as that….at least not to me.

I think they need to find a way to allow them to access the data, in a very controlled way, with the hopes that what they find on that phone will save another Human life. Or maybe many Human Lives.

Because to me, that’s the most important thing there is in our world.


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