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picture_2Creative Network Services is a full service IT consulting group comprised of professional computer network consultants, system engineers, administrators, computer technicians, and programmers. We are committed to developing a trusted partnership with each of our clients. Our goal is to understand the specifics of your company. And to then define a path that will help you reach your business goals within budget and with the correct technical direction.

More specifically, each company has a different corporate environment, vision, and culture.  Our job is to recognize what has worked and what has not and help you refine your technical path to success.  As every company is different, so too will be every company’s path to success. When that path is defined, success is easily attainable.

Imagine a normal computer that crashes two-maybe-three times a week. On average, a computer crash will consume roughly 15 to 30 minutes of the end users time (sometimes more). That downtime, averaged over a period of a year, means that this user will lose approximately 72hrs of work per year due to a system failure.  Based on an average salary of @ $35k, that comes out to $1211.76 per user, per year. Consider this: A normal user, experiencing a few lockups here and there, will use up almost 2 weeks of time over a year (72 out of 80hrs).

Now, let’s assume a company with 10 users, each one experiencing a few lockups a week (nothing out of the norm). That total for all 10, would come out to about $12,100.00 a year in lost salary.

Remember, just a few lockups a week for 10 users averaging $35k a year in salary.

What could a 10 user company do with an extra $12 grand a year?  It strains me to even consider that thought.

The moral of the story is, provide a stable working environment for your users and not only will they earn your firm more, but their frustration level will be greatly reduced and your out of pocket losses will go down greatly.

The reason I bring this up is that most companies don’t even consider the cost of computer crashes.  And we’re only discussing loss salary revenue.  How much income loss, would 10 users at 72hrs a year come to?  Likely?  Tens of thousands.

These monetary results are staggering. Fortunately, these losses are not an absolute. Once a company is on a Managed Support Plan, our tools allow us to provide information on failing systems LONG before they crash.  This allows us to be proactive and accordingly reduce the downtime of any user, computer, or network, we monitor. We now know when a system is going to crash long before it actually does.  This allows us to swap systems out BEFORE they fail. By this process alone, a 10 user company, experiencing a few lockups a week, can save a great deal of money.

Having over 25 years of experience in this business forum, we realize the only way to be successful is to find a direction that works with your culture, vision, and business path.  Our job is to offer the proper direction, technically, to help you get there quickly.

We will always be there when you need us most. Service is in our name and we take great pride in providing it to our loyal customer base.

We understand the value of money to business. We also understand building and maintaining long term relationships. But most of all, we understand that people simply need their computers and networks to run efficiently and effectively. Creative Network Services has been supporting this direction since 1991.

Our Standards

Affordable Professional IT Consulting

CNS has tailored our services and programs to allow us to offer truly affordable IT consulting services without sacrificing experience or professionalism.


At CNS, our I/T consultants will work with you to identify your needs then recommend and implement the technologies that best fulfill your needs. We believe in long lasting partnerships and with over 25 years in business, you’re guaranteed we will be there from beginning to end.

Our team

We are a small business too and we work very hard to develop personal relationships with our clients. Larger companies have several different technicians that have to “learn” your environment each time. With Creative Network Services, you will be assigned a single primary technician with one single backup technician and they will come to know your network inside and out and have the ability to resolve issues in a time efficient manner.

Our commitment to clients includes an investment in our own employees as all of our technicians are MSCE certified. Creative Network Services provides the tools, training and mentoring to ensure that our technicians maintain the highest levels of professional service.

“Initial Consultation is No Charge”

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