Network Design



A new house is only as sturdy as the foundation it’s built on.  And as we all know, a weak foundation creates a weak infrastructure just like a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

By far, the majority of repairs that we do as an IT firm, are repairs from poorly designed networks.  And when we ask who built the infrastructure, the answer usually goes something like this “my brothers-uncles-girlfriend knows a guy that knows another guy who knows a little bit about computers”.  It’s amazing how many companies will have their network designed and built by an unqualified individual, only to have it fail in short order.

Computer networks should be designed and built by Certified Engineers……just as a new house should be built by a General Contractor.  Most people would never hire a used car salesman to build their home, but you’d be amazed at how many will hire unqualified personnel to build and manage their computer network.

The reason a new home builder will hire a General Contractor is that he will serve as the ‘Central Contact Point’ for all the other sub-contractors. He’ll work with electrical, structural, and sometimes, a plumbing contractor and his job, it to make sure the subs do a good job, and stick to the budget.  When the job is done, the home owner has a central point of contract for any issues.

That is precisely what we do, but for computer networks.  We design, price, and ultimately build a computer network based on the specific needs of a customer.  Make no mistake, everyone’s needs are different. One company may only need 3 or 4 computers and will never ever see themselves outgrowing that system so a small File Server will work fine and fulfill their needs.  Yet another company may start out with 3 or 4 systems, with their ultimate goal of 25 users, or even 50 or more. This is where the benefit of using an established company like Creative Network Services, adds tremendous value as not only can we design and build the computer network to fit your needs today, but also for 5 years from now and beyond. We can build a system to fit any budget and help you understand what growing pains you might expect.

Creative Network Services, is a full service IT consulting group comprised of professional computer network consultants, system engineers, administrators, computer technicians and programmers. We are committed to developing a trusted partnership with each of our clients. The design and management group has extensive experience in network design, implementation and management, combined with broad programming and development experience. Our goal is to understand your company, its business, corporate environment, vision, and how those elements relate to specific technical demands.

At CNS, our I/T consultants will work with you to identify your needs then recommend and implement the technologies that best fulfill those needs. Our goal is to create a long lasting partnerships and with over 25 years in business, you’re guaranteed we will be there from beginning to end.

Follow Through and Follow Up
CNS understands that you implement technology to achieve greater business success. We are committed to helping you attain that success while protecting that investment. Our business relationship doesn’t end when your computer network installation is complete. Our IT consultants are available as IT managers providing Virtual IT to augment or provide systems administration.

Affordable Professional IT Consulting
has tailored our support programs to allow us to offer truly affordable IT consulting services without sacrificing experience or professionalism. Our commitment to clients includes an investment in our own employees. CNS provides the tools, training, and mentoring to insure that our computer network consultants maintain the highest levels of professional service.

The initial consultation is free. Please give us a call to schedule an appointment.