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Backup….Restore…..and get EVERYONE back to work!


Life Insurance…..who needs it, right? You pay for it all your life and never see the benefit of it. Many consider Data Backup and Recovery similar to Life Insurance.  But it’s not. If you get to use a Data Recovery plan just One-Time, it will pay for itself 20 times over.

How you respond to a server or workstation failure will directly dictate your down-time. Whether it’s a PC or a Server, when Data is not accessible, it costs money, simple as that. We are experts in this field and offer a number of different solutions.  We can show you how to minimize the risk, or remove it altogether when designing a management plan that will work for your budget.

“What is Failover and/or a Crisis Management Plan?”

When we start discussing the term Failover, there are a few things to understand.  In the world of IT, the term “Failover” is used when we discuss how your network will recover from a problem.  That 5th tire you carry around in the trunk of your car?  That’s your failover for a blowout. You HOPE you never need to use it, but you’re HAPPY to have it if with you should the need arise.

Most want to discuss the type of backups (Tape versus Hard Drives – Local versus Remote) but what many don’t understand is that you can build redundancy right into your local File Server by using technologies that not only reduce downtime but will allow you to make repairs while your File Server remains up, running, and accessible.  In the IT industry, this is what’s known as a ‘Hot-Repair’.

Technologies such as R.A.I.D (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks). RAID allow you to span your data across 3 or more drives and this technology allows any of the 3 drives to fail without disruption to your End Users access.  The key to this technology is the word “Inexpensive”!

There are also physical devices called “Appliances” that can also be used for fail-over.  Imagine a critical environment such as what an Accountant might require, especially on April 14th.  An Appliance will allow your entire primary File Server to crash and go completely down.  The Appliance, continually backs up your data and, in a short time period of an hour or two, can be fired up as its own file server.  You then just give the Appliance the same IP address as your primary File Server, have your end users reboot, and you are up and running again in no time.

Many of these appliances also have a 3rd level of Fail-over and they can also run daily backups to the Cloud.  So if the Appliance fails, you can start a Virtual Server in the cloud, give it the same IP Address as your primary File Server, reboot the end users and your company is now productive again.

All of the different levels of Failover come with a cost and commitment.  For example, where an Appliance might work wonderfully for an Accounting firm on April 14th, it might not be the correct solution for a construction firm.

This is where Creative Network Services, Inc. comes in.

“Over 25 years in the business makes us the clear choice to show you the Failover solution that works for you”

No matter your need or industry, one thing is perfectly clear – “You need a Backup and Recovery Plan in place”.

Let the experts at Creative Network Services, Inc. show you all the options and assist you by finding the solution that fits your budget, as well as your needs.

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