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Disaster Recovery and why it’s now a requirement

For those of us who live in Southern California, or in the Great Plains, we all recognize the need to be prepared.  Whether it’s an earthquake or a tornado, if we don’t have a plan in place it’s going to be difficult to survive.

In today’s world, a Disaster Recovery Plan is an absolute necessity.  If I said to you right now “Go start a bare bones recovery of all your data – NOW”….what would you do?  Where would you start? Would you be surprised to learn that 97% of all companies don’t think they will ever need to use a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Data is what drives our ability to run our company.  Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, etc. are what we all use to help us stay ahead.

And when that time arises, and your Data is missing, or corrupt, you NEED a plan to recover all your data. For those that don’t, their companies will suffer.

Most people will have spare batteries, or an extra flashlight available for the emergency we ‘hope’ never comes.  When the power goes off, the majority of people know where the candles are, and the emergency matches and a battery operated radio.

But when a server crashes, or a Hard Drives corrupts the data on it, you’d likely be surprised to find that less than 3% of all company networks have an actual plan in place to recover their data.

When you talk to most people, they will tell you “we can figure it out when and if occurs”.  But the sobering fact is – that those who experience a network infection, or corrupt data, don’t make it back. 

Think about that statement “They don’t make it back”!

Below are some sobering statistics from the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington DC regarding firms that experience data loss:

  1. 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster.
  2. 93% of companies that lost their data center for 10 days or more due to a disaster, filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster.
  3. 50% of businesses that found themselves without data management for this same time period filed for bankruptcy immediately.
  4. One of Two major businesses never returns to the marketplace following a major data loss   Of those that do, half go bankrupt within three years. 
  5. 80% of businesses affected by a major incident either never re-open or close within 18 months.
  6. 70% of companies go out of business after a major data loss.


  1. 80% of businesses suffering a computer disaster, who have no disaster recovery plans, go out of business.

Creative Network Services knows what your data is worth and we have Disaster Recovery Plans to fit any budget and any size company. And we can perform basic Data Recovery operations right from our office.

We specialize in Failover Scenarios and offer many variables to fit your needs.

  1. Local Backups
  2. Offsite Backups
  3. Internal Snapshot servers that will allow a flip of a button, and fire up a virtual server.
  4. Tape Backups
  5. Redundant Arrays for Drive failovers

For more “Complicated” jobs, we offer services that can recover data by physically repairing rotational hard drives. And, when necessary, even providing Clean Room Services to recover data from mechanically damaged Hard Drives. While this is no substitute for regular Data Backups, Emergencies do happen, and when they do, you can depend on Creative Network Services to be there for you.

So I ask you – “what is your plan”? And if you don’t have an answer – be ready for the consequences. Or let us show you how inexpensive it can be to be ready and prepared to recover from a failure.

“Call us today for a Disaster Recovery Plan that will fit your budget”

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