You can’t be over prepared for a computer infection.


The sad truth is that in this age of technology, data and information is everything. And people will stop at nothing to get to it.

In my business I see it all the time. People “think” they have their Anti-Virus and Firewalls working right and about 95% of the time….it’s not. So let’s talk unauthorized access.

More often than not, your computer, whether at work or at home, is going to contain very valuable information. Your SSN’s, your bank accounts, passwords, etc. And there are a LOT of bad guys who will pay a LOT of money to gain access to it. Hackers are working 24/7 running programs called algorithms, trying to gain access to your computers.

Imagine if you look down, and you find a house key, then you start going house to house and trying it on each door until you find which one it unlocks. This is what the hackers are doing when they run their algorithm programs. They ‘set it and forget it’ which means, they run the program and leave it running. Then, when it finds a computer that’s unprotected, they ambush it…more often than not…without the user (you) even knowing it. Then the fun begins.

They will do any number of things that can wreak havoc such as downloading credit card numbers (and is many cases passwords and pins as these remain in your memory cache) or data related to what you do or where you’re travelling to. Yes, they can make note of a trip, and schedule your home to be robbed…after all—no one will be there. Or even worse, as was the case in Costa Mesa about 2 years ago, the hackers can access that little camera on top of your laptop display. In the Costa Mesa example, the hacker was able to break into the computer (the Anti-Virus software was not updating) and took over the camera. Then, when the woman who owned the computer came in at night, in her nightgown, the hacker took pictures of her and then threatened her by telling her to let all her friends know that “HE” was her friend and they could accept emails from him, which of course allowed him to take over THEIR cameras too. He extorted tens of thousands from about 6 women until one of them called the Police. He is now in Prison. All of this occurred because digital protection was not in place.

Over the next few blogs, I’ll be covering what you need to make SURE you’re not only running AV software but that it’s updating as well. And of course if you ever have any questions or concerns, you can call us here at 714.963.3800.

Keeping the bad guys out is our specialty!

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