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“Are they worth the money”?


Are computer technicians worth what they charge?  This is a question I get asked a lot.  And the answer isn’t as simple as you might think.

We get more ‘New Customers’ because a computer system or network they previously had setup by someone else, isn’t functioning properly.  And when any foundation isn’t ROCK SOLID, the house will soon start to fall down – Maybe not immediately, and maybe not all at once, but it WILL fall.

I find myself comparing car mechanics to computers technicians a lot of times.  If you think about it, there’s a lot of people out there they actually enjoy doing an oil change on their own car.  I used to do them on my own.  It was easy and I could save a few bucks.  Occasionally I’d find myself working on older cars with my Son.  It was ALWAYS a GREAT father/son bonding moment.  Most of the time (most), we did it right, and that usually meant a few Band-Aids were used.  The cool part was the ‘War Story” behind it.  For instance, when you change brake pads on an older car, they actually have a clip called a “Jesus Clip”.  I learned the name of this in a High School automotive class.  When putting stuff back together, it was easy to forget to put this clip on….then, when you were closed to finished, you’d look down and see that clip.  This meant the entire assembly had to be removed “AGAIN”.  As you might imagine – the name of that clip was yelled out more than once!

Doing a job like this requires some level of knowledge.  There are certain things you just need to know in order to do the job 100% correct.  And if you don’t do it right, and then when you’re driving and something goes wrong, it can be the end of that engine and cost Tens of Thousands to get it repaired or replaced correctly…..or WORSE.  Especially when it comes to fixing the brakes.


One of my good buddies from High School has gone on to become a specialist in old cars, and he’s doing quite well for himself.  He’s trusted in the industry, a hard worker, and provides a good product at a good price.


When doing your own automotive maintenance, it can become a little bit of a Catch-22.  “Do I do it myself and save a few bucks and HOPE I get it right?  Or do I go to the professional and make SURE it’s done right, and not have to worry about it again for a while”?

There is no right or wrong answer – for changing the oil in a car.

But for someone to provide maintenance on my computer, well THAT’S a different story.

Roughly 90% of our new customers come to us and say something like “We’re having problems with our computers and/or networks and need your help.”  Almost every potential customer who’s now having problems, we ask them the same question….”Who did the initial system setup?”

What’s funny is that the answer is almost always the same – “Well, my brothers, girlfriends, niece, lives next door to a guy, and his Second Cousins best friend knows a guy who knows a little bit about computers so he set our system up for us and saved us some money”.

Now I can speak from experience when I say that Microsoft, has VERY SPECIFIC ways of how their computers and/or networks should not only be setup, but maintained as well.  And when you have that ‘Family Friend’ do it, 9 times out of 10 he has no idea how Microsoft wants it done.  But…and here’s the rub…he can get it going!  He fires everything up, and it works!  Or so you think.  Then a little later, after he’s all done with computers, that when the stuff will start to fail.  So he’s called back to help, and is nowhere to be found.

We see this exact scenario all the time…

The sad part is, you have to pay a computer firm like ours, to come in and fix it all over again.  Usually, you end up paying the initial guy to set it up, then pay a computer firm (like ours) to come out and fix it, or in some cases, rebuild it.

Our motto is simple:

“Do it once and do it right”.


Then let the experts (us) take care of the management and maintenance of it.  We’re here to help.

When you have a mechanic do the maintenance on your car, you KNOW it’s going to be done right and usually they guarantee their work.  If they forget to put the “Jesus Clip” back on, and damage is caused, you know you can take it back to them and they will fix it right, normally not even charging you for it.

We work the same way.

We are computer and network “SPECIALISTS”.

Think of it like this “when a regular guy brings his tools to work on your car, he relies on his ‘Crescent Wrench’ as his fallback tool”.  A crescent wrench is an adjustable wrench and will handle almost any size bolt.

When you take it to a reputable place that specializes in say Oil Change, they have the “EXACT” tools needed.

Computer specialists are the same way.  When the neighbor comes over to fix it, he’s going to bring tools and software that perhaps aren’t “EXACTLY” right for the job.  Whereas a specialty computer facility like Creative Network Services has the correct software required.

We do it once, and we do it right.

What most people don’t understand is that computers require maintenance too.

Our original question today is “Are Computer Technicians worth the money”.  The answer is…without a doubt….”YES”.  We offer a management tool that works a lot like Medical Insurance…but for your computers.

In past years, we were taught “don’t call the computer technician unless something breaks”.

If something has broken, then a computer technician is being called far too late in the game.

Think of it like this, wouldn’t it be nice to know a day or two in advance that you were coming down with the flu?  You could get people to cover your work shifts, stock up on soup, make sure your Netflix subscription is up to date, and binge-watch a few programs while hugging the couch.

“News Flash”!

Today, we offer software that tells you a problem is coming so you can be prepared for the worst.

It’s called Proactive Computer Management.  Just like I said – “health insurance for your computers/networks”.

We charge a “Per PC – Per Month” fee – and here’s the best part – when you sign up with us, to be your “PC Health Insurance Company”, anything that goes wrong with that PC and/or Network is covered.  We will fix it “FOR FREE”.  Our customers range from 1 computer user on a standalone, to a network of users covering 4 or more states on a computer network.

 “Are Computer Technicians worth the money?”


Initial consultations are always free.  Our plans come with remote access software so anytime you have an issue or a question, we can remotely login to your computer and fix it.  We also offer Antivirus software included in the plans.


Put the Crescent Wrench back and call a specialist.  Think about it – “Wouldn’t it be nice to know you’re going to get the flu…IN ADVANCE?”

Yes!………Yes it would!!!

25+ years in the business and growing stronger and stronger every day.

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It just can’t hurt to ask questions, right?  In the end, you’ll be glad you did.  Custom plans also available.

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