Can the FBI/CIA listen to you through your cell phones?


The answer may surprise you….

Ever since the movies “Snowden” and “Zero Days” came out there has been a ton of controversy surrounding them. Each movie shows proof that our government can do a LOT more with technology than we ever thought possible. And let’s get one thing straight right off the bat – WE ARE NOT CONSPIRACY THEORISTS.

Even the Director of the FBI – James Comey recently stated “absolute privacy does not exist in the US”.

Sad but true.

Recent information has been released that confirms the US Government has software programs that will allow them to use the microphone on your cell phone or the camera on your laptop. They can watch you and listen to you at will.

There are those that think that Courts must approve this before it can occur, but take an hour or two and watch the movies listed above. Both have confirmed information about what others can do to obtain information any way they like…..and anytime they like.

If you ever get a chance to meet or work with someone in my field of technology, take a look at their laptop, and more specifically the camera eyehole on top of the screen. Almost everyone of us – to a man, will have that covered with electrical tape or something similar.

Many of us today have home cameras or cameras in the work place. These are all easily accessible by our government, and anyone that has access to certain software.

In my opinion, it’s sad that it’s gotten to this level. But when you consider the terrorist threats over the last 15 years, the US Government will obtain terrorist threat information anyway they can. Right or wrong, it’s probably stopped quite a few incidents one way or another.

This is one of the reason we are so concerned about the Anti-Virus software on your computer. Because believe it or not, almost all the software that is used to takeover our cameras is delivered by Malware.

As little as 5 years ago, virus attacks were our biggest concerns. But now we know that malware is the biggest carriers of these illegal software packages.

If you get a chance to watch “Zero Days” you can see the actual interviews with the Kaspersky technicians that found the infections. They were malware based and were used to shut down nuclear centrifuges in Iran. “Watch the movie”. It’s not all ‘Harrison Ford’ boom booms. It a real world documentary about how our US government built, tested, and installed this malware infection on a network that was airgapped (that means it had no internet access). How can that happen you ask? Well updates have to be installed, and that’s usually done on Airgapped networks with a USB thumbdrive. Infect the thumbdrive and you can infect the PC’s.

The moral to the story is ‘be careful’ and don’t think that nobody is watching.

They are! And the more careful you are, the less the chance they can listen in without you knowing…..


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