Your Data – And why it’s so important.

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It seems in today’s world we rely more and more on not just our computers, but the data we create and store on it. And many times, just like an old can of soup, we forget that it won’t last forever, or can be damaged if not taken care of. Remember, nothing lasts forever unless you make plans to maintain it.

This is true regarding your home or work Data. I think we just take for granted that everything will be OK and we don’t have to worry about it much. Hardware has become much more stable and people become easily complacent when it comes to the data they create and store on their computer.

But, at years end, it’s always a good idea to remember that there are a LOT of ‘bad guys’ out there and all they want is access to your Data.

Our data is worthy of an in depth discussion, especially when it comes to the ‘Bad Guys’. We easily forget about the proper security our computers require and we buy things off of Internet stores without giving it a second thought.

Today’s discussion is regarding the safekeeping of your data. Yes, backups are VERY important as you can usually restore data prior to an infection. But there also these things called Cookies. No….not the Christmas cookies your neighbor has been baking for the last two weeks, but rather Computer Cookies. You see, one of the reasons computers have become faster is they store your browsers data (Explorer/Firefox/Chrome etc.) in an electronic packet called a Cookie. For instance, have you ever noticed how you can go online, and perhaps you’re looking for some flowers to send to a friend. So you research a few flower outlets, close your browser and turn off your computer. But the next time you turn on your computer and say, open Facebook, and in the side panels, you’ll see ads for the same flower shops you just visited. You searched them from Firefox but now they are showing up in Facebook!

You see, even though your computer has been turned off, it was still at work. It takes the website data you browsed and puts that information into a computer cookie. This cookie resides on your computer. So the next time you visit that website, they can look into your Cookie and it tells them JUST what your interests were. It works quickly, and makes the transmission between your computer and their computer faster as its drawing information locally, from your Cookies, rather than requesting it all over again, over your Internet connection.

And you know the old adage “if it seems too good to be true, it usually is”.

Well, your Cookies, on your home PC, not only store information about what you were searching for, and what websites you browsed deeply into, but……if you made a purchase…..then your credit card information can ALSO be stored in your Cookies. This is a “Hackers Heaven”.

If a hacker can get into your PC, and access your cookies, even if they are encrypted, they can get information such as your identity information like Driver’s License, or CC numbers, etc. and resell them.

And they make A LOT OF MONEY doing this.

So…you ask…how can you prevent this from occurring? The easiest way is to have a company that you work with, that will provide the latest and greatest infection software and have them manage your PC for you. Many companies, such as ours, offer One Price, Per Month, Per computer and will manage all your updates and Anti-virus/malware/adware too. And this price usually includes offsite Backups as well.

Make no mistake, this is a constantly evolving environment. Hackers are writing better hacks on a daily basis, and Anti-Hacker software has to be updated quickly and regularly so it recognizes the potential hack.

We see it all the time where a customer purchases software, to keep the bad guys out, but never maintains it, then “BAM” they get a message on their screen saying “Pay us $300.00 in Bitcoin or you’ll never see any of your data or your pictures, again”. Just this year, a school in Los Angeles paid tens of thousands of dollars to these hackers as they needed their data ASAP and didn’t have the time to work with an IT technician.

Our advice? Don’t let it get this far. Be diligent and find a company like ours, that will not only provide the software, but update it too, AND if an infection DOES happen to get in, we won’t charge you a dime to remove it.

One payment, per month, per system, end of story. Then you have the Pros on YOUR side.

Feel free to call us to discuss at 714.963.3800 x22 or email us at

Our goal is to keep your data safe, so when you need that one picture…it will be there and uninfected.

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