Computer and Network Repair

What is Computer and Network Repair, and why should I care?

Because downtime costs money.


Businesses today rely on one thing and one thing alone – to earn a profit.  A stable, functional, battle hardened, network. The cold hard truth is, when one PC is down, your business is likely losing money. Imagine what happens when the entire Network goes down, this is considered a “catastrophic failure”.  More often than not, this can sometimes be the difference between the business surviving or not. Why then do we only fix it AFTER a failure occurs?  Answer: ‘It’s what we’ve been taught to do’.

Over the limg_3ast 30 years or more, when a computer crashed, THEN— you fixed it. But with today’s technology, we are now able to actually ‘glimpse‘ into the future.  Imagine for instance, that you have an IT company that can tell you when a Hard Drive is not only almost full, but is close to failure due to Read/Write errors.  And now we can obtain this information without ever bothering the end user. 

Historically we had to manually and physically check for these things PC by PC, and they normally weren’t even noticed until someone spoke up and said “My computer is running a little slow”. By then, it was usually too late. A downed system meant someone was not pulling their weight, and accordingly money was being lost while they waited for IT to fix it.  That process usually went something like this – notifying IT – having them assess the issue – provide a solution – implement the solution – and then….and only then….could the end user get back to work. And this was ONLY if they had a back-up computer handy.

All this time and failure means “money lost”.

But times have changed and today we use a technology that closely monitors and scans your systems on a daily, and in some cases hourly basis.  WE ACTUALLY KNOW before a computer is going to crash and can take the appropriate steps to head that failure off.  Today repairs can be made in advance and we can swap the failing system out with a new or rebuilt one, then when the end-user comes in the next morning, the threat has been removed and that user can continue their job.  This is how we run today’s computer and network systems.  It creates a tremendously stable environment and builds trust between the end-users and the IT department.  This is what “Virtual IT” brings to the table. And these benefits are just the beginning. The software we use takes no power away from the computer, and it provides us with daily information on where the weaknesses exist.  The weaknesses can be addressed and resolved – QUICKLY – which means less down time and more stability! 

Remember, it’s not a question of “if” a computer will fail, it’s a question of “when” and the better prepared you are for that failure, the less money lost.

With a virtual IT company like Creative Network Services, we provide 24/7/365 support.  There are never any Sick Days – Vacation Days – Holidays – Medical/Dental costs – 401k costs, or Profit Sharing. We can show you how to cut your IT costs in half and provide the full Pro-active experience. It’s a simple, cost effective solution that works. Each week our customers are provided with Real-Time analysis reports showing the strengths and weaknesses of every device on your network.  We can even tell you when your printer toners reach a threshold so you can be prepared to replace them. 

The days of Break/fix repair are gone and surprise costs are a thing of the past.

It’s quite simple really as the more you know, the easier it is to manage your technology. We are a “Full Service Provider” and are authorized resellers for all hardware and software manufacturers such as Dell, IBM, HP, Microsoft, Lenovo, etc.

We offer a complete range of Network Design, Consulting and installation services.

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