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What should I look for in a Small Business Antivirus Solution?

We all hold what’s near and dear to us close by.  We lock our homes when we leave and even sometimes when we sleep. The goal is to keep unwanted intruders out. If you left your home unlocked, you are creating an invitation for anyone to “come on in”.
Yet day after day, computer hackers, intruders, viruses, and malware creep into our systems unbeknownst to us.  Let’s imagine a worst case scenario, where an intruder could look into our homes and watch our every move.

“Believe it or not, this is not a Hollywood movie.”

Hackers will send you a phishing email. A phishing email usually looks like it’s from a close friend (this is called a spoof). The email usually contains an attachment that is entitled “Our Summer Vacation Pic” and the email encourages you to open the attachment. 

But once you do, you are unknowingly not only giving the hacker(s) access to all the data on your computer, but in many cases, you are telling them that it’s OK to use the camera on your computer.


“And what do they do? They take pictures.”

Pictures of everyone and everything that passes by that camera. And you’ll never even know they are there.  There was one hacker, in Costa Mesa CA, who ran this exact scheme. He targeted a single woman. Using the camera on her laptop, he took pictures of her in her pajamas (and sometimes less) then emailed them to her and told her to send him her girlfriends email addresses and to say he was ‘a friend’.

“And if she didn’t? He would blackmail her.”

He told her he would post the pics on the internet. Fortunately, they caught him and he’s now in prison. All this woman needed to do was have a valid/updated Antivirus software on her computer. Sadly, most people don’t know if they have Anti-Virus or if it’s updating correctly. And software such as this can usually be found for about $20.00 a month (less than a dollar a day).

Antivirus software will track all the incoming and outgoing traffic from any computer you run it on. And the key words here are “Be Diligent”.  Choosing the best possible protection is vital to guarding against current Internet-threats. The correct choice can be made by having a company like ours provide it, and monitor it.

Just like you lock your doors at night, be sure to lock your computers too. The preventative maintenance you provide today, will likely save you in the long run tomorrow.

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